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This is Us

We are small business owners, Carey and LeAnn, and we live in the great state of Texas! We love offering fun and inspirational products that will point you to God and His great love for you.

The watercolor prints and stickers you'll find in the Sweeter Than Honey collection are from originals painted by me, LeAnn. I love God's Word, good old hymns, and the wisdom of past and current theologians. Let me help you keep words of wisdom and God's beautiful promises in front of you by offering professionally printed stickers and high-quality art prints for your home, office, dorm room, or classroom. God's word is beautiful, and by them we know Him. As Peter said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life..."

Why “The Queen Heifer”? Well, my momma liked cows, and I like cows, so why not? There’s not much more adorable than a sweet curly-headed cow crowned with fresh-picked flowers...except maybe my grandbabies!

Live an extra-ordinary life!

Carey and LeAnn


Our beautiful kids...Jacob, Caleb and Jess.