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Hella Seed Bomb Slingshot Ammo
Hella Seed Bomb Slingshot Ammo

Hella Seed Bomb Slingshot Ammo

The Queen Heifer

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Sling shot play AND gardening? Sounds like fun! Seed Bombs contain 10 different types of flower seeds and are hand rolled from recycled paper scraps. Fling them in your backyard and watch them grow! How about Gorilla Gardening? Fling them into vacant lots or fields (maybe the tacky neighbor's yard???) and watch the beauty sprout!

  • 8 Seed Bombs approximately 1" in diameter.
  • Handmade. Sizes may vary slightly.
  • The Queen Heifer says, "Go beautify your world!"

Guerrilla Gardening Method: 
The activity of growing plants on any piece of land, especially land that is in bad condition because it has not been used for a long time.

To ‘activate’ the seed bombs for guerrilla gardening, soak them in a bowl of water until they are squishy. Then you can ‘bomb’ any area outside where you would like to add a little color with flowers. The seed balls will splatter– thus looking like little bombs that have gone off! Happy Gardening!

Planting instructions: 
For best results: Find a sunny area. If planting outside the best time to plant is during the early spring or fall. Gently rake the area to loosen the soil. They can also be planted in a pot indoors. Place the seed ball on soil and push down so seed ball is half sunk in the soil. This will provide a good area for roots to establish in soil. Water area to keep soil completely moistened during germination (approximately the first 3-7 days), then water as needed. 

Seed mix may include but is not limited to: White Yarrow, Purple Coneflower, Shirley Poppy, Foxglove, Red Prairie Coneflower, Maltese Crosee, Catchfly, Snapdragon, and Sweet Alyssum.

 Hella Slingshot Safety

  • Slingshots are not toys. Even though slingshots are not restricted items in most places, children should always be supervised by adults when playing with slingshots.
  • Always wear eye protections. You can get them from from any hardware store.
  • Know your target and what's behind it.
  • Make sure you have an adequate backstop for your target. Especially one that can absorb the projectiles energy enough to render it harmless on the ricochet.
  • Do not shoot at hard surfaces or at the surface of water. Slingshot ammo may bounce off or ricochet and hit someone or something you had not intended to hit.
  • Never shoot at a 90 degree angle towards your target and backstop. Always shoot at an angle to your target so that the ricochet will not bounce back at you. 
  • Inspect latex tubing before each shot for any signs of wear, brittleness or breakage. Do not shoot if latex tubing is worn or damaged in any way. Replace damaged or worn latex tubing immediately. You can order a replacement slingshot bands from me or many other retailers.
  • Give the forks a good hard squeeze to check and see if they are cracked or too weak to use.
  • Slingshots will last longer if stored in a cool dry place. Latex left in direct sunlight will dry and crack more quickly. Tree branches left in wet dark spaces can mold.
  • CHOKING HAZARD: Slingshots may come with small balls to be used as ammo.